Top 10 (Lately) Audiobooks and Podcasts - Episode 2

Here is my eclectic mix of what I've been listening to lately: business stuff, feminist stuff, #eatpraylove stuff, and more. Enjoy, and please send me your suggestions to I'm always looking for new podcasts and audiobooks, and if I don't have new things to write about, this blog will explode and I'll die alone. Here are my top 10 listens, lately.


Thank God It's Monday is a PG, watered-down but still sorta interesting, time-filler about modern-day entrepreneur-ism. The host is very enthusiastic and it's put out by Shopify.



Okay, this list isn't very cool so far. Trust me, it gets more hip and feminist and interesting as you go. But, sometimes, I gotta do light, lame, wellness shit. Happier with Gretchen Rubin is like hanging out with my friend's cool aunt after she's been to therapy and feeling very positive and productive about life, and wants to tell you everything on her mind.


The first few episodes of The Minimalists had me hoooooked. Y'all know I'm all about throwing everything out. These two guys went from being corporate assholes to minimalists who have great advice, but also seem a liiiiittle bit self-absorbed (why are there no guests on their show?) and repetitive. However, great to listen to every now and then when you feel like you need some good general advice in regards to being more deliberate with decisions, relationships, and stuff.


Alright, we're getting to the juicy stuff! Guys We Fucked calls itself The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast, hosted by comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher. Sometimes I swear a lot and say sorta raunchy stuff, but when I listen to this, I feel like a goddamn angel. I think if I had this to listen to when I was 14-19 I would have felt a lot less like a total weirdo freak. Listen, and heal your past self, empower your future self, and entertain your present self.


She is definitely unqualified. Listeners call in with personal dilemmas, and Anna (omg did you know it's pronounced Aun-na???), her friend Sim, and a guest or two offer their two cents: yes, you should dump your fiance over a cat, etc. It gets silly and for some reason the theme song is way too loud, but a nice time to hang with people you can pretend to be friends with. Also, Chris Pratt pops by from time to time.


Slouching Towards Bethlehem is the first audiobook on this list. It's hailed as a groundbreaking piece of creative non-fiction, my favourite genre. This book is full of stories and essays from Didion's adventures, interviews and meetings in San Francisco in the 60's. Oh, and it's narrated by Diane Keaton, who has a beautiful voice that will easily lull you into another time and place.


Sure, sure, everybody knows about Fresh Air. So why not a little reminder to listen to this always-great go-to? It's interesting, having listened to soooo many super casual podcast interviews, hearing the same people talk about the same issues in a more formal environment. Terry has cool guests, asks them great questions, and it's pretty much always "out loud" friendly.


I listened to this entire 9-ish hour book in one day while sewing at work, and afterwards, I couldn't wait to start meditating. Dan Harris was a journalist who went to Iraq, had PTSD, had a panic attack on live television, and bush-wacked his way through pessimism to find meditation. My takeaway was this: trauma happens to all of us: sometimes shit happens to us, other times we impose it on ourselves in the name of adventure, success, or accomplishment. Life is fucking hard. So why not take a sec to just calm down, observe what we're doing in our lives and how we react to what's around us?


I like listening to Cavern of Secrets because it makes me feel like I'm not just renting an apartment in Toronto, but I'm actually bathing in Toronto. It's one thing to hear the truth about what people are up to who are similar to you, but live in another city or country, and another to hear about an intersection you just walked through. Lauren Mitchell interviews interesting women and they swear, become friends, and talk about real shit. My favourite episode is #2, with Tanya Tagaq. Great on a roadtrip with a girlfriend, where you pause every few minutes to give your take on the conversation. Also, lots of swearing! <3



There is no question that The Heart belongs at the top of this list. Fiction or non-fiction, narrated or dramatized, these are beautiful stories of modern love. Some of them get sexy, some of them are sad, but they are all rich, beautiful and interesting. I listened to every episode of the whole thing in a week, and I'll probably do it all again soon. Organized by seasons, with varying episode lengths, and definitely made with a lot of heart.