To shave, or not to shave?

Today, where I live, it's the first day of real shorts weather. Glory thank god hallelujah! 

But as great as shorts weather is, our hibernating body hair is awoken from it's slumber (for some of us), and today we might decide what the heck to do with it.

We could get rid of that hair, and feel fresh as a daisy! Or, we could let those beautiful little hidden strands blow delicately in the wind, and enjoy the tiny tickles they give us as we walk down the street.

Maybe you've considered letting your hair grow for the summer months, whether it's armpits or legs or anything else.  Maybe you've always removed the whole gang, and love it. Or maybe you're in between, like me, where you let those guys grow grow grow and then you like to fuck with them and chop 'em down and focus on your leg tan. And then a week later you've got two legs full of hair again, their fate entirely dependent on how much time you've got to spare, or even just your mood.

Regardless of where you fall on the hair removal spectrum, Spoiled Rotten wants to remind you to do whatever the fuck you want with your body hair today, and every day. 

Me n' Lori, lush and in love!

Me n' Lori, lush and in love!

We all know that there's a lot of pressure to be hairless in some social groups, but did you know that there's pressure to not be hairless in others? 

Don't ever let anyone make you feel ugly or guilty about choices you make about your body, and don't worry about adhering to any rules. Because there are no rules! 

Heck yes, let's enjoy that sunshine today.