Tiny Travel Hydration Tip

It's weird when you realize that you actually kind of hate pop, most juices, and even the taste of bottled water. I never thought I'd be that person. Pop is kind of awesome, but eventually I learnt my lesson: the tummy aches, the way-too-sweetness, and the lack of actual hydration are consequences I now think about before I grab a sweet drink in the middle of a road trip.

But... water can be boring sometimes, especially when you're travelling and you need something to wake up your lil taste buds. So what is one to drink, especially in the middle of nowhere, with zero organic lemonade stands within your current Yelp map area?

I've got the handiest, most delish solution.

Bring bitters with you on your next road trip (or wherever) to add to water. Today I dropped some Grapefruit Bitters in with a half-Perrier/half tap water concoction (more bang for your bubbles, you know?). This drink f'real tastes like unicorn pee. 

Happy & hydrated in the middle of nowhere. 

Happy & hydrated in the middle of nowhere. 

I'm also into adding Rose Water, Rhubarb Bitters, or Pear Bitters. Do you have a favourite water concoction? Comment below!

Safe travels, amigos!