Three, two, onesie!

I hate pants. For eating meals, going to movies, or sitting at a desk, pants don't just suck, they are evil. Leggings are okay, but they still have these dang elastics in them, and if you get as cold as I do in the winter, and you layer leggings, you end up with a whole bunch of elastics pinching your waist and ruining your life. Awful, but I've found an adorable solution. I hope I don't regret this, because I've made about ten of them... but baby's got a very bad case #diyonesiefever!


Check out this freedom! This lil shorts number is my new favourite thing to sleep in. Essentially, you combo a top and a bottom you already have, that maybe kind of go together, eliminate elastics, and unite them as one garment. Liberate your internal organs in these 4 easy steps:



Find your pieces. Works best if they're approximately the same widths, weight, and stretch. Whatever your top is, make sure you can step into it through the neck.


Cut off any elastic bands from pants.


As well as any seams on the bottom of your shirt.


Sew together, right sides facing each other, and enjoy. Whatever stitch you choose, make sure it's got some stretch to it for ultimate relaxation capabilities.

Here are a couple others I made. They can be loose, tight, whatever. Either way, they're heavenly to hang in.

If I haven't sold you already, think about these pros:

  • No more pants pinching your hips
  • No more draft running down your back
  • No more pants falling down mysteriously

Think about the naked human body. Our waist seems to me like the most unnatural place for clothing to end. If anything, we should all be wearing pants that go up to our chest, with tiny t-shirts and shrugs. Why do the most constricting part of our clothes meet at the part of our body where we bend? Seems incorrect to me! Also, if you google "tight pants unhealthy" there are a bajillion hits with proof that skinny jeans, shapewear, and general too-tight stuff is messing with your insides. 

May you find clothes that you can digest properly in, and may you be liberated from the shackles of fashion, whatever that means for you. Namaste.