The Spoiled Rotten Shop is Now Open!

I love making uncommon, versatile and multi-purpose products that I think have really added value to mine and other's lives. For the last few years, I've been designing and sewing bags, polo stuff, custom weird things, and fanny packs for friends, Instagram acquaintances, distant members of my bike polo fam and the odd stranger.

The informality of simply talking to someone and then making them something is so lovely, but I've decided the best way for me to keep organized and for people to know what types of products are available is to have a little online store. For now there are just a few small items, like custom wallets & colourful tuques, plus my most popular item ever, drink holders for your bike (check out the leopard guy on your right! Ballin'). Keep on the lookout for some bigger things like backpacks, bike bags, and other durable, coolio stuff in the coming weeks.

Everything (except for the tuques) is made to order, by lil' old me, in my studio in Toronto. If you're looking for something and don't see what you're looking for, shoot me an e-mail at and I'll do my bestest to hook you up!

Also, I'd like to offer products from other like-minded makers. If you think your stuff would look good on here, shoot me a message!

In the meantime, enjoy the lil store, and feel free to e-mail me with feedback. I'd love to know what you think and especially what products you'd like to see for the future. Oh, and what colours you like! Very important.

Thanks x a million for all your support. I am stoked for what's brewin' over here!