Stuff I've been Sewing

I haven't posted about any sewing projects on here for a while, but I've been sewing a ton of stuff lately. When I start sewing, I get so deeply wrapped up and focused that I find it very difficult to stop what I'm doing and snap any pictures, let alone blog-worthy pictures. Also, I almost always sew at night, so pics of the "during" stages are never great (you'll see). 

On the flip side, I've been having a friggin' ball over here sewing backpacks and bags of all sorts, and I'm so excited about the things I've been pumping out into the world, that I thought I'd go ahead and share some of them with you today (#humblebrag?). If you know me and want to hang out and learn how to make anything, or if you don't know me and want to make things, but have questions, send me an e-mail at  


Backpacks have always been, hands down, my favourite thing to design and sew. I made a whole bunch of backpacks recently as gifts for pals and it was great practice for me, and they looked so cute hanging out together!

This is a backpack I made for my friend Emma. When I designed these bags, I wanted something with the durability of a messenger bag but without the millions of buckles and pockets. There is just one zipper pocket on the top flap, and two open pockets on the front of the bag which are great for things like water bottles, etc. Super simple. This guy gets pretty big when you need it, too.

I line the insides with white so that it's easier to find stuff in the depths of your backpack.

My assembly line of backpacks in progress!

Taken during a late-night sewing sesh. Just me and Taylor Swift and the moon, doin our thing.


This is Courtney with her version of this  backpack!

And this is my pal Caroline wearing hers. She told me she likes to carry her skates in it. Two. Thumbs. Up.

This guy is a lighter roll-top that I made for myself. It's also made from Cordura, but not canvas. It's more of a splishy-splashy material. I really love this bag, and I think it's my favourite design yet.

It gets pretty huge for groceries and stuff, but nice and small to use as an every day bag. There's only one pocket on the front, and then the main pocket. I also kept straps to the bare minimum. Pretty simple. I'll be making more bags like this soon, that is for sure.

Bike Bags


Making bike bags is sort of easy, but does take a lot of work. They hold very precious cargo so they need to be strong, and also, they're huge.  This black/blue/white one is for a friend who wants to keep their fork on, so it's nice and roomy. If you're willing to take your fork off, these bags can be surprisingly cute and tiny!

Bike bag in progress...

I love how without anything near it for scale this just looks like a little messenger bag. 

Those black shapes are extra lining with slots to add foam.

A buncha lumpy bags!

And the cutest of all the bike bags... this guy is so tiny! These bags have flown allllll over and not once have we paid a bike fee. Phew!

If you want to make your own bike bag, just go for it. I could tell you step-by-step, but really, just measure your frame, draw a rectangle on some canvas that will fit your frame, give yourself 10ish inches of width, and sew yourself a gigantic purse, however you want to do that.

Experimental sewing

I've been experimenting with this "polo caddy" thing. It's meant to hang near the court during tournaments or pickup so you can keep your shit organized. It's got a big inside pocket that zips up, some loose pockets for stuff you need to grab, tons of hooks and loops for mallets, gloves, etc., and it has a laundry line for sweaty & gross stuff.

It also works as a frame pad. And a hip pouch. I need to work on the design a bit more, but I'll keep you guys updated. Would you ever use a polo caddy? What would yours look like? I'm going to keep testing this one out and see what happens.

Oh, and here's me sewing one of those backpacks in my dreamy lil sewing corner...

As a final note, I've been thinking a lot about this, and I think everyone who can should learn how to sew something. Imagine you went your whole life eating in restaurants, and you never once made yourself the perfect homemade sandwich? The one of the avocado and the sauce and that special ingredient. It's exactly what you want. You damn well know the sandwich I'm talking about. Imagine life without it, and only because you never tried making your own sandwich.

I feel the same way about sewing. I'm not crazy skilled and my machine cost around $100. But the knowledge that I can sew pretty much anything I need, and it will be specifically what I want, is awesome. I want more people to have that power, to have their perfect sandwich/backpack/curtains. If you sew, you know what I'm talking about here.

So, if you've been thinking about learning how to sew, go for it. Take classes, or just watch YouTube, or ask a willing friend to teach you how. If you can sew, take a risk and try making something wild that you've never made before. I guarantee it will be worth it. Let me know how it goes. I'm rooting for ya!