Creative Profile: Eryn Derksen / RocketPop Bags

Eryn Derksen

Vancouver, BC

I AM Eryn Derksen, owner, designer, and general do-er of everything at RocketPop Bags! When I'm not making backpacks you might find me on the polo court, biking around town or eating snacks!

I MAKE backpacks and bags of many sorts. I focus on making things that look good while still making them durable and water resistant. My goal is to create things that are well made, and comfortable that will last for a long time. In an age where everything seems to be moving towards offshore production, shortening product lifespans, and cheap, disposable items, I think that we need to focus on locally produced items that promote a more sustainable way of consuming. I also think that fashion doesn't have to be exclusively stylish or functional - there is a space in the middle that needs to be filled, and that is what I want to try and do (with backpacks right now, and with clothing in the future!)

I LOVE making cool things, riding bikes, laughing, and having friends around me! ... also polo!... and snacks! ... ok, I love lots of things:)

Oh man, thanks Eryn! We think everything you make is super dope. We are so excited that you're Spoiled Rotten's first ever creative profile! 

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