Rider Profile: Patti

Patricia Youn

Toronto, Ontario

I AM Patricia a.k.a. Patti, Pat, 777, Min-Kyung, Ratti, Parti, Gomo (aunt), Shminkus

I RIDE Cramerotti road bike for work/life, Masi track for polo, tallbikes, Generic blk road single speed, '95 KHS aero track frame, Assortment of other random bikes in the bicycle graveyard of our home.

I LOVE to scowl at people when ripping a tall bike through town, trigger shifters, my lobster winter mitts, being a bad ref in polo, DIY LED lights on bikes, mutant bikes, bicycle clubs, seeing my buds with the excuse of traveling for polo. i don't like racing in alleycats, but sometimes i do it. bike parts jewelry. Camaraderie with weirdos of being on the road. Spandex. Biking to the corner store and locking up when i could've gotten there faster walking.