Rider Profile: Michelle

Michelle Willcox

Raleigh, NC

I AM commonly referred to as Meesh, or polo mom, or people confuse me with my polo wife counterpart, Melanie.

I RIDE an All City Mr. Pink for my every day commuting. Also my sparkletastic Surly Straggler which doubles as my CX/run-over-everything bike. I got a fixed brakeless Leader for whenever I'm tryna kill my knees. My polo bike (aka the rust bucket) is a Velolucuma and I love to pack that thing up into a little baby bundle and fly to as many tournaments as possible.

I LOVE programmer humor. Post-polo dance parties. Cackling until I cry with my boos. Exploring a new city via bike. Polo tournaments at the beach. Bike picnics in the park. Really angry hardcore bands. The community and the connections that polo has brought me.

Thanks Melanie... I mean... Michelle. xo

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