Rider Profile: Lori

Lori Aparentado

Philadelphia, PA

I AM lori / the oldest sibling / a marylander living in pennsylvania / coffee slinger extraordinaire / HBIC / a crazy person who lives with all boys / a mediocre participant of philadelphia bike polo (currently on IR) / a ~dog mom~ / a giant jerk / a great dancer / motherfucking funny

I RIDE a surly crosscheck single speed / a hija de la coneja / a janky ass old tandem bike

I LOVE traveling / bikes / dogs / coffee / brunch / 90s emo / mountains / cute things / treats / pretty bridges / rob biddle

Thanks Lori! You're the cutest and the best. Check out Lori's previous contribution to Spoiled Rotten, Vegan Lasagna with Lori!

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