Rider Profile: Jess

Jess Duffy

Location: a short ride to Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK

I AM a big sensitive hippy full of modern world anxieties, a city girl living in the countryside, seriously missing my bike family, failing at French, trying to figure out life one ride at a time!


I RIDE a really fast ninja plastic racing bike, a steel adventure bike I built myself and my good old Surly Steamroller - that baby is indestructible! Selling my polo bike was the dumbest thing I ever did :'(


I LOVE Josh (vom), fresh air, long hikes to secret spots, a rough sea, a smooth bit of tarmac, making stuff myself, Sciencey super nerd stuff, comic books and Japanese fiction. I'm obsessed with Arabic history and design atm...

Thanks Jess! Spoiled Rotten loves ya! Check Jess out on Instagram, @lapsandlanes.