Rider Profile: Jenny

Jenny Scott

Grand Rapids, MIchigan

I AM a mexican-american-brazilian fuzzy brownish weirdo with a crazy tongue, an annoying laugh, and a more annoyinger fart-fearing dog peedro.

I RIDE 'til i break my face, then i finish the race, party, then ride some more. I recently broke my jaw mountain biking, same face i’ve broken before playing polo, but i finished the race, partied hard, and didn’t realize it was broken til 3 days later. The doc told me to stay off my bike for a couple weeks, but i told him to frig off. I'm lucky I get to ride all year and all kinds of bikes: singlespeed, mountain, fatbike, cyclocross, polo, road, triathlons, drunk with friends. I like to race in costumes, mostly to not take myself so seriously, but also selfishly bc people usually cheer for you. I really love polo because it lets me be part of a team even though in the past I've sucked at team sports.

I LOVE hot cheetos and takis, picklebacks, beers, costumes, Conan O'Brien, and tacos. I love all the people I’ve met through bike polo, I love riding bikes with friends, my boyfriend, my dogfriend, my family, and anybody else who wants to ride.



I imagine we're all thinking the same thing right now: JENNY SCOTT FOR PRESIDENT!

Hope you heal well and also say hi to Pedro for us! Thanks, Jenny!