Rider Profile: Cento

Cento Canesio

Treviso, Italy

I AM a Graffiti bomber since a long time, I'm doing Graphic design and Illustration, I’m doing artworks for Lobster Apparel, I listen to a lot of music, I love good food but Junk food too! Beer drinker, Polo Player, Bike lover, I have been a skater for a long time until I have realized that at the beginning fixed gear's scene was very similar to the initially skateboard one. My first feeling on a Brakeless bike was very similar to my first ride on my "Tommy Guerrero” board, it was my first serious deck :) I Like to enjoy simple things with people I love! I'm the president of Tigers Bicycle Punk Club eh eh

I RIDE in many cities with my DODICI polo bike during tournaments; I ride Hills and mountains with my NINER air 9 Scandium MTB where no cars go and where sometimes I can see wild Animals; I ride my ZINO cx bike for fun every time I have spare time; I ride my nameless CXSS bike in the funny single speed cx races in wintertime; I ride my Pinarello track frame during some easy rides with friends. Sometimes I like to ride with my girlfriend sitting on my top tube, to carry her around when she doesn't have her bike :)

I LOVE Graffiti, Train Bombing (I mean graffiti not real Bomb), illustration, Bikes and bike parts, Stuffed animals, My Girlfriend, Tigers Family, Bike-polo family, my real family, my friends, Beer, receive and make presents, food, cooking, travel, punk attitude, tattoos, sleeping everywhere, old skateboarding stuff, pink things and of course NUTS!