Rider Profile: Andrea

Andrea Cessna


I AM inspired by the amazing people in my life who work towards social/environmental justice and have shaped me as an ally to consciously challenge oppression and reject the status quo.  I am a messy, sleep-deprived, caffeine-dependent university student with an empty fridge and a bike polo addiction. I’m currently trying to determine whether I’d make more money as a social scientist with degrees in anthropology and sociology or as a professional polo player.


I RIDE ‘til I break my bones. 

Around town, I ride a shambolic Carlton fixie that I originally learned to play polo on. That is until I played with Messman, who thoroughly denounced the act, and subsequently gifted me a Specialized Stumpjumper, which continues to be passed down in the SBPL family (long live the Guru).  Inevitably, I upgraded to my first polo specific frame, a Velo Lucuma; little did I know this bike would drastically improve me as a polo player and eventually bear witness to the immanent demise of my left ankle.  For some wild, God-knows reason I was offered a semi-sponsorship by RC, so nowadays I am a wannabe-slayer on my gorgeous Riding in Circles frame. This bike is amazing. It is so smooth, reliable, sturdy and natural – it feels like it’s part of me.  


I LOVE the bike polo community. Beer. Bike polo. My #1 fan, I mean my 1 fan, I mean my BFF Nicole. My homies and family. SBPL. mrdovideo and bikepolotv. My WUPASS Wu-Tang bunnyhug. Working on bikes. My RC. Photography and film. Rap and hiphop. Drunken philosophical discussions. Reading and learning (omg teach me things). Traveling. Wearing hats backwards. Swimming. Reading horoscopes. Ideas and imagination. Pedagogy, resistance, and social change.