Packing: The Chile 2015 Edition

I love packing for trips.  You get all your favourite clothing and books and gadgets together, fold 'em up nicely, and know they're all you'll need for whatever journey you're embarking on. Packing is like an appreciation party for all your best stuff - it's done such a damn good job that it gets to go somewhere exciting with you. 

We are leaving this week for a five-week trip - we'll be in Kansas for a few days and then we're going to Chill-ayyyy (Chile, in case you weren't sure). I'm really excited for this trip. My fiancé's father and his side of the family all live there, so we're gonna go hang with them. Our pal Suzy from Seattle is meeting us there too (!!!), we're bringing polo bikes, and we are ready to drink some Chilean wine. We also have zero plans for when we get there. I'm psyched to be flying by the seat of my pants, alongside 2 of the best people, and just see what happens. 


I had a lot to pack. I wanted to travel light, but not too light. Chile is nice and warm in some parts, but if we decide to go to the mountains it can get pretty chilly (I'm not going to make a joke here, and I'm pretty proud of myself for having so much self-control). Here is everything I'm packing, by category. Enjoy!

Carry-On Items

First, I gotta say it. If you're going on a trip that is less than a week, you don't need to check any baggage. That is unless you have kids, or have a snowboard or fishing rod or whatever. Now that many airlines charge for even one checked bag, it's worth your while. Keep your liquids to under 100ml, and pack them in a ziplock bag to make security a breeze. Buy tweezers when you get there. For this trip, I'm bringing my bike so I gotta check something, but normally I stand by that pretty hard.

Anyway, my carry-on! Here's what we've got:

  • Books: Variety!
  • Water bottle: They never give you enough water on the plane. The water bottle is crucial.
  • My coffee egg (the thing in the top left): I'm just being environmental here, and $-savvy
  • Moisturizer & lip balm: Obvis!
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: I love brushing my teeth after a flight. Plus if your stuff gets lost, this is all your really need.
  • Hankies: I don't know about you, but my allergies tend to go nuts on flights. Lots of hankies are important, especially because airplane kleenex sucks D.
  • Cute lil toe socks: I'll be wearing wool socks to the airport since it's winter here, so it might be nice to change socks for when we arrive.
  • Disposable camera: *More on this later.
  • Snack pack: Ginger candy, a cliff bar and peppermint tea. Save some money, drink the kind you like. I'm too old for non-organic peppermint DUST.
  • Sleep mask: This was the first thing I ever sewed as an adult. I love this little guy, and the birds remind me of a time when birds on things was popular. Put this guy on + headphones, and I'm in another world.
  • Not pictured: Sleeping bag. This'll be important on our 10+ hour flight.

The Basics

Normally when I'm packing, I go for as much variety as possible. This time, I'm trying something different which I'm calling "The Einstein Method". Einstein, among many other geniuses, wore the same thing every single day. That way, his brainpower was never wasted on picking out an outfit. I'm taking this theory and applying it to my every day travel uniform: Jean shorts and a black or white T-shirt. That's that. No travel energy shall be wasted on picking out what to wear. 

  • 5 t-shirts
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • Sun-Gs & fave hat (from Mighty Healthy)
  • Vans Surf Sider Slip-ons!
  • Tabernac Necklace made by MG


Yes, it could get cold. My theory with cozy stuff is to never duplicate a type of layer. All of what is pictured here could be worn at once to be super cozy, or in pieces for medium-coziness.

  • My fave pink flannel pull-over: This guy is pretty light and breezy.
  • Tuque
  • Big grey sweater: This covers my ya-ya when I wear leggings. Perfect!
  • Marmot: It could rain and be cold.
  • Nike leggings
  • Tie-dye pants: These can be really cozy with tights underneath, but alone they make a really nice pair of fun summer pants.
  • Wool socks: I have bad circulation.

Sup, Bra?

Check out these three purple cuties!

  • CK bra: I love this bra! It gives me just a tad more support than an American Apparel bra, which is just about perfect for what I need. It also folds into the tiniest ball and is perfect for travel.
  • New Balance sports bra: I'm hoping to keep up 3 runs/week while we're gone, so this is needed.
  • Free People bandeau: This guy will be great under my fairly see-through red dress (below) and also doubles as a bathing suit top for when I don't want tan-lines. Yay!

The fun stuff

I had to bring some beach party outfits! 

  • Tank dress and T-shirt dress
  • Purple bandeau +fluorescent bathing suit top + black bottoms (not pictured)
  • Sun-G's + a new purse from Victoire Boutique
  • New Balances
  • Disposable Cam: I mentioned this early and I said I'd explain more, so I guess now is a good time. I've made the executive decision to leave my iPhone and DSLR behind on this trip. When we did our big clean-up, I threw out an entire garbage bag of photos, and I vowed to never take a picture of scenery again. I realized that by taking so many friggin photos, I'd probably not been very present during many beautiful moments of my past travels. However, travel photos are awesome. I figured I'd bring a disposable camera to grab a few gems. It'll allow me to take a picture every other day or so, and I'm into that. I also know my travel buddies will take lots of pictures - Suzy is a dope photog. Also, I am genuinely looking forward to not having my iPhone with me - no searching for wifi in the airport, no panicking when I can't find it. My friend Emma has been gracious enough to lend me her tiny iPod nano, so I'll have that for music and audiobooks. Also, SLRs are heavy and awkward as hell. However, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with bring cameras on trips. This is kind of an experiment/challenge for myself, about being in the moment and absorbing the good stuff while it's happening. Buddhist stuff, you know?

The whole gang

This is all my clothing-ish stuff, pretty much. I added my laptop, speaker and iPod. I rolled up what I could and folded the rest. Now for the tricky part...


I made myself a bike bag, and it turned out to be a bit too big. I was kinda bummed, but then realized that my fork is stuck on my bike, and I don't have time to go to a bike shop, so it all sorta works out. The bike fits in the bag with the fork on, even though that wasn't my intention.

I'm bringing all the obvious bike polo equipment, and it fits quite easily. However, I'm packing all of what I posted above (except what's in my carry-on) into this bike bag with all the bike stuff. Here goes...

Isn't it beautiful? Basically I just separated my clothes in piles and put them in plastic bags, which I shoved into all the crevices. This thing is crammed with a lot more than meets the eye, including a whole other bike bag that I'm giving to a buddy. 


It all fit! The big bag weighs about 40lbs.  Also, I just made that little blue & green roll-top for this trip, and I can't wait to use it. It's so light and comfy, small enough for every day but big enough to be the only backpack I'll need. Shit is tight! Also, I'm crossing my fingers that the airport won't charge me for oversize... but hey, with a face like this? C'mon. 

That's it! I am ready to take off. Good luck with all of your winter travels, pack smart, have fun, and most of all, just be wherever you are. It's lame as hell, but it's the truth.