Menstrual Cups - An Update

Back in 2013, I wrote a fairly unconvincing post about why menstrual cups, specifically the Diva Cup, are life-changing. I say unconvincing because I made it all about the dollah bills, and how a menstrual cup could save you so much money over your lifetime, you could probably retire a year early. Now is the time for me to really tell you why menstrual cups rock my world, for one week every goddamn month. Plus, why I stopped using the Diva Cup, and found my new best friend.

For a good chunk of years, I loved my Diva Cup. No tampons, less garbage, fewer accidents, no toxic shock, better for travel, etc. I would even go so far as to say that I was a Diva Cup pusher. If we met at a party, and you so much as mentioned menstruation, regardless of your gender, you would have ordered a Diva Cup from your phone by the end of the night. You would have signed up for Amazon Prime so you could get it as soon as possible. That's how convincing my Diva Cup argument was.

And then, about a year ago, my Diva Cup turned on me, and I got really annoyed. I felt like it was really hard to get super clean, I couldn't believe I hadn't yet mastered my insertion method (RIP many pairs of jean shorts/pairs of everything), and I was especially sick of that dumb little nub that you need pinch in order to yank it out. If you've ever used a Diva Cup, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't, here's a diagram so that you can imagine: 


It's a very small nub. So, I started to look for alternatives, and dang, there are lots of non-diva options out there. Eventually I found a menstrual cup that really stood out to me. The website claimed that the insertion is pretty breezy (no suction holes to not understand like the Diva Cup), removal is less torturous thanks to a loop at the bottom instead of a nub, and it has this kind of no-spill design (this turned out to be untrue. RIP white moccasins). Overall, though, hallelujah. I ordered this cup in a pack of 2 to share with my bestie. I'm delaying telling you the name of this magical menstrual cup, I know. Can you tell? That's because it's unfortunately called 'The Femmy Cycle'. Why do menstrual cups always have the worst names? Whatever. This cup is the dopest! After 8 months of testing, the Femmy Cycle gets 5 out of 5 chocolate bars in my menstrual cup rating system. It doesn't leak, at least for me, at all. That is absolutely #1. Remember how I mentioned that the Diva Cup never really felt clean? That's because most menstrual cups are made from a matte silicone, but this one is shiny. It makes a difference, trust me. Also, it is pretty much the same price as a Diva Cup, and cheaper if you buy a 2-pack to share. 


The loop! The loop! I love this loop.

So, I wanna know... Menstrual cups: are you in or are you out? Why or why not? Diva Cup? Luna Cup? Moon Cycle? Femmy Cycle? What do you use? And I should also say, whatever you use, from Ob to Tampax to reusable pads to just good old TP, no pressure. If using a menstrual cup doesn't appeal to you, that is A-okay. But if it does appeal to you, and you're just a bit intimidated, give'r a go. If you want to check out other cup options than the two I've mentioned, check this out.

One more thing. Can we take a moment to honour menstrual cup names? They are so beautiful and awful. Can someone please make a menstrual cup name generator? Like, your childhood street name + your favourite type of red wine. Mine would be... Sylvester Syrah. Actually that sounds pretty cool. Please comment with yours.

In case you're wondering, nobody paid me to write this raving review. Sidenote: Femmy Cycle, please sponsor my blog and my life so that my only job is to get my period and report on that. Cool? Cool. 

Wishing everyone out there with a uterus tolerable periods during these cozy months ahead. 

Optional listening: Call Your Girlfriend , a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere. Featuring feminist stuff, pop culture, and my favourite segment, "This Week In Menstruation."