June Challenge: Pre-Shower Meditative Planking

I don't know about you, but with summer in the air, my mind and body are buzzin'. My winter yoga and meditation routines have been completely replaced by ripping around town on my bike like Joseph Gordon Levitt and running by the river as fast as I can; activities to help push out some of my inner energy and excitement. Basically, I have no attention span right now.

This month, I am giving myself a very small challenge to stay just a tiny bit grounded: I'm inventing this kind of mini yoga/meditation to be done daily before I hop in the shower, and you're welcome to join in. Here is the dealio:

Hop down on those forearms, back straight and rigid, head relaxed, and hang out for as long as you can/want. No timers, no personal bests, this could be for ten seconds or a full-minute. Keep the mind on the body, thank it for doing all the shit it does for me/you, or simply let it chill out while it holds you up. When it's time to stop, stretch back into a child's pose or downward dog, and boom, it's shower time.


Lil bit of fitness and a lil chunk of mindfulness for those of us who are having trouble slowing down this month. You get two birds stoned at once. Planking is great for core strength, metabolism, balance, and posture. Feel free to join in, or check in next month to see what kinda challenge I cook up based on things that aren't really balanced in my life. :)

Oh, and PS: Last month, I challenged myself to stop telling stories the same way all the time. I have to say that I wasn't sure how it would go, but it really did affect me and the way I reported the happenings of my life to my people. I even felt less boring to myself. I hope that one sticks with me for a while.