How to: roll up your pants

Subtitle: Blogging is fun because you get to tell anyone who will listen how to do simple stuff.

The title of this post is borderline embarrassing. Because everybody knows how to roll up their pants, right? 

WRONG! Sometimes pants are just too baggy around the ankles, and even rolling them up a bit doesn't fix things. They still flop around. Today we have the solution. No sewing. Just folding! I have used this method on wide-legged yoga pants, my boyfriend's jeans, my friend's boyfriend's jeans, you name it. Today I will be demonstrating on these men's Levi's I got from the Urban Outfitters sale section. I hope you're ready to have your world rocked! 

the spoiled rotten cuff

Pictured here are my pants with one leg in a regular old cuff roll. But we can do better.

Step 1: Pinch all excess pant to the outside of your leg.

Step 2: Fold excess fabric over. Tightly. Like as tight as you can make it.

Step 3: Keeping your fold tight, roll up once.

Step 4: Roll up one more time.

Step 5: Acknowledge how cool you now look.

Notice in the picture above the regular cuff on the left, and the Spoiled Rotten Cuff on the right. So much cooler, right?

Well, that's it! Wasn't that great? Just in time for winter you can look great in moccasins and pants that don't fit you quite right.

Thanks for visiting! xoxo


P.S. This tutorial is dedicated to Coco and Dana. May your pants fit your forever and ever. <3