Hankies 4ever


We recently did a big de-cluttering project, and one of the harder things to let go of were our bajillion old T-shirts. We had to be cutthroat, and we said farewell to many of our T's... but I found a sneaky way to keep the all-time faves: I turned those almost-orphan puppies into hankies!

Sometimes it blows my mind that more people don't use hankies all the friggin time. Poor little hankies still have such a stigma around them, even in this world of reuseable diapers and BPA-blah-blah-free everything. You might be thinking that hankies are gross, but Kleenex is just as gross. Snot is disgusting no matter what you're wiping it up with. Get over it. You're an asshole.

Having a hanky with me at all times brings me a lot of comfort. I'm always prepared if I start sneezing on the loser cruiser (the bus) or if my eyes start watering when I'm walking down the street from summer allergies (fucking allergies!). If I have a cold, I will go through my entire hanky pile in a day, put them through the wash and have a fresh pile ready in the morning. No piles of kleenex around my bedside during flu-season, no way, Jose. Oh ya, and that stingy redness you get around your nose when you have a cold? This does not exist when you use sweet, soft hankies. Praise the hanky! 

So you're on board with the hankie thing? Nice. Now you need some hankies of your own!  

Find some T-shirts that are nice and soft on your face. Cotton is good. Crunchy, lame graphics are bad. 

cut them into squares, or circles, or whatever you want. you're done! that's it! no sewing necessary. 

Check out these cute little guys! Obviously, the naked antler lady is my favorite. When I blow my nose it's like I'm motor-boating her. (Antler lady was made by the amazing Neva Safe. Check it out!)

Other hanky options:

  • Classic bandanas. Give them a wash a few times to soften them up before you use them.
  • Other material that needs to be stitched. I made a couple of hankies out of my old fave blue flannel, and had to zig the edges of those ones. I used a machine but this could easily be done by hand.
  • I guess you could actually buy hankies??

Using hankies could be a great New Years resolution for ya. Your life will be better, I promise. I can tell that you need to get your shit together, and this will be an easy way to create that illusion for yourself.