Freezer Chocolate

Alright, let's make some goddamn chocolate, shall we?

This recipe is easy as heck and there's a good chance you already have all the ingredients and you can make a zillion variations and it's pretty impossible to screw up.

Essentially, it's melted coconut oil and cocoa powder with some fun additions that you freeze, and voila, in mere minutes your chocolate is ready to eat. Oh baby! Syrup or something to sweeten it is good, peppermint oil, sea salt, cocoa nibs, cereal, nuts or seeds will add flavour and crunch, and anything like nut butter will give it a fudge-like texture. The only schtick is you can't take this on a picnic - this puppy's gotta be eaten right out of the freezer. 

Here's my recipe for a really creamy, cozy, fudgy freezer chocolate, but I make different ones all the time. I never really measure the ingredients out, so just eyeball and see what happens. It'll be ok. Enjoy experimenting, and I hope this deeply affects your life too.


Julia's creamy, cozy, fudgy freezer chocolate


  • Macadamia Cashew Butter (big spoonful)
  • Sunflower Seeds (big handful)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Cocoa Powder (coupl'a big spoonfuls)
  • Coconut Oil (coupl'a big spoonfuls)

1. Whisk it all together on low-ish heat until it's nice and melty

Save some sunflower seeds for the top later.

2. Pour it into a container for freezing

If you're using nut butter, something like the metal thing is cool, but if you're not using nut butter your chocolate will be more brittle and you'll want it to be flatter and thinner than this, so try something bendable like the plastic lid from a takeout container or a tupperware lid, or just waxed paper on a tray works too.

3. go nuts, Decorate, freeze for 10-15 minutes, and eat


Yep, that's it. Your friends will be crazy impressed. At 10:30 on a Friday night, splayed out on your couch, when the Cheetos have been eaten, and the store feels so far away, you will always have this trick up your sleeve. And you will clasp your hands in prayer thanking yourself for reading this blog.

Okay but seriously, now that I'm really deep in my freezer chocolate game, I can honestly say that I like it even more than regular chocolate: It's not that bad for you, it doesn't give me tummy aches, and the flavour/crunch/texture possibilities are endless. 

I hope this chocolate will change your life too, or at least make bad periods/dark days/stoner laziness/whatever a little bit less awful for you. 

It's a freezer chocolate revolution!



(P.S. Thanks to for teaching me.)