DIY: Elastic Cuffed Jeans

I was dreading the end of summer, but I'll be honest, it has been one beautiful fall. I love the endless crisp walks. I get to wear mittens and tuck my pants into my boots.

Elastic cuffed jeans are fun in the summer, but they're also great for the colder weather. You get easier tuckage into those boots, and the tighter ankles mean more coziness. Here's a fun elastic cuff jeans DIY that you can do to pretty much any pair of pants that you've got. Have fun!

ELASTIC Cuffed Jeans

What you'll need:

  • Pants
  • Elastic (width is up to you!)
  • Sewing Machine



Start by measuring your elastic. Wrap it around your ankle, leaving about a 1/4" overlap. You'll need two of these pieces.


Figure out the length you want your pants to be, leaving an extra bit that is the same length as the width of your elastic. I wanted to keep mine pretty long, so I just cut off the bottom hem.


Turn your jeans inside out. Your elastic will go around the bottom on the inside like this!


Sew the width of the elastic in place along a seam on the pants.


Sew the elastic along the bottom edge of the leg. Stretch the elastic as much as you can while you do this. If you don't stretch the elastic while you sew, you will not have elasticized ankles. This is very important!


Secure the other end of the elastic width-wise. Go over this a few times and make sure it's STRONG! You don't want your ankles exploding willy-nilly.


Sew again along the other edge of the elastic.


Cuff the jeans once and sew again, once around the bottom of the elastic, then once around the top, to secure in place.

You're done, son! Coziness awaits you.