DIY Cotton Travel Towel

Yes, I created a fake beach scene in the middle of winter in my bedroom, because I am that committed to showing you how dope ass these DIY travel towels are! And yes, that is hot tea in that mug, my favourite beach beverage.

Real talk: I was at a pool party recently and one of my pals had the coolest little linen towel from IKEA. It looked like an over-sized dishcloth, just big enough to dry you off. And I thought, damn that would be great for a trip. But a bit bigger. So I whipped up a few travel towels for me and my travel buddies, and I folded 'em real cute (a la Marisa Gallemit).  These would be great as reading blankets in parks, as a light blanket on a plane, and I'm sure a hundred other scenarios that could pop up at anytime. Thanks for the inspiration, IKEA!


  1. Get yourself some nice cotton fabric. I used organic cotton muslin, which I happened to have on hand, but you could use linen or really anything that feels like a dishcloth.
  2. Cut out a shape that is roughly similar to your favourite towel, but an inch bigger.
  3. Zig all your edges so there's no fraying, then fold over and hem twice so you have no rough edges exposed.
  4. Add a hanging string anywhere along the edge of your towel if you want.

How cute is this little guy? I gave them a wash so they'd be nice and soft. Now for some special folding!

My friend taught me how to fold things this way, and it's so great for pretty much anything you want to keep in a tight little package. Also, everyone is always impressed. Folding a hanky in your purse this way just makes anyone seem like they have their life together.

How-to: Fold like a GD pro


Fold into a nice rectangular shape. I folded one length edge over an extra bit to get my desired triangle size. Do what you gotta do.



Fold a triangle out of one edge.


Keep folding triangles until you get almost to the end of your rectangle.


At the other end, Fold what is left into this shape. If there isn't much fabric left, skip this step.


Tuck the fabric on the right into the triangle, and wham-bam you're a pro.

That's it! Hope you guys try these out. I'm so excited to use mine! 


This will be my last post until March as we're heading South for the month of February. I'll miss being on here, but hopefully I'll be back with lots of new ideas to share with you guys.

P.P.S. I know it's early, but Happy Valentine's day! xo