DIY Bike Light Phone Case

Biking without a light is the friggin' worst. Recently, I was in one of those situations where you don't have lights, and it's daytime, and it doesn't matter, and then suddenly it's night and you feel like an invisible idiot. So I took out my phone, turned on the flashlight, and figured at least I could hold that in my hand and be kind of visible.

Then I figured that since we all pretty much have a light source on us at all times, we should be using it. Here's a nice little phone case you can make that turns your phone's flashlight into a front or rear light. It can attach to your bike, your bag, your belt, or whatever. This can also be hand-sewn pretty easily, so if you don't have a machine, don't be intimidated! Also, even if you have lights on your bike, this is a great thing to have in your back pocket (lol) in case they get stolen or die. Safet(di)y first? Sorry.

1. Materials

  • Fabric (about 7"x7" depending on the size of your phone)
  • Webbing & clips (I used 1" wide)
  • A zipper
  • Acetate: clear & red. (The red I got from a random store, the clear I took off some packaging from my recyling. If you can't find red acetate, some light red fabric will work.)

2. Figure out where your flashlight is

Cut a piece of your fabric in the shape of your phone, leaving about 1/2" extra. Cut slots on where your flashlight shines, when flipped either way. This might take a second - it took me a bit. The more space, the better so that your light doesn't get hidden.

3. Add your acetate (pronounced ass-tate)

I used some trim, but you don't have to. Also, you can't see the clear acetate, but, it's there.

4. Zipper & Strap

Sew your zipper between the two pieces, so when it's finished, the opening is at one end. You could also do this length-wise. Sew your strap & female end (yep) of the clip on the opposite side as the acetate, making sure to leave space at the edge so you can sew it all together.

5. Boom

Fold everything together, sew inside out, and the flip for lovely results. Add your male clip (yeah) and you're done!

Rear view. So cute!

Front-view. Also cute!

Look how adorable it is on here! Co-ordination with that frame pad was purely accidental.

There you have it, folks! A nice lil DIY. If you don't feel like making one, send me an e-mail at and I'll whip you one up for 20 bones. I think it would be cool to incorporate this into a fanny pack, and even in backpack pockets. What do you guys think? Full-disclosure, I don't know if this is actually bright enough to be used as your normal light, it's just kind of an extra/in an emergency thing. Why not, right? Plus it's a cute lil phone case!

Safe riding, sweet people. xo