DIY Tie-Dye Tablecloths

When I needed to make a huge amount of tablecloths, I started by ordering 60 meters of organic cotton muslin from Etsy, cut it up into gigantic sections, and hemmed the edges. My cousins came by for the tie-dying part, and we had so much fun! I highly recommend tie-dying with kids around. Children are the masters of tie-dying. 

There are a zillion ways to tie-dye, but only using one colour made it pretty simple for us. We elasticked-up our fabric in a whole bunch of different ways, then dropped it all in a bucket of hot water with dye & salt, and left it there for the afternoon.

After several hours, when our tablecloths looked nice and pink, we removed our little creatures and let them dry on the line for the day. They were so crazy looking!

Once they were mostly dry, we unveiled the beauty!

I gotta say, these things looked pretty gorgeous hanging out in our backyard. In the end, my favourite technique was scrunching the fabric and tying an elastic around it like a messy bun. It was the easiest and made it look kind of marbly/like I had washed it with a red sock by accident. I can't wait to do this again, but I'm not sure to what. Maybe every single white thing I own? Yep, sounds good.