DIY Bathing Suit

I dreamed of making a bathing suit for ages, but it took me forever to actually do it. Something about the task seemed too daunting and complicated and I felt like there was some kind of bathing suit secret that I'd be missing, and whatever I made would feel second-rate.

Then, one day while hanging at my cottage, with a sewing machine and some appropriate fabric in front of me, I thought to myself, "Juju. I betcha you can make a bathing suit. And when you do, it should have a nice butt that doesn't give you muffin butt, and it should cover your back so you don't need to worry about sunburns." And so, I did.

Overall it was pretty easy! I didn't take pictures of the first one (on the right) because I honestly didn't know it would turn out as well as it did. So when I made the second one with my friend Emily, I finally remembered to take pictures, but they aren't the greatest. Or maybe they are. You decide. Photo cred for all the pictures of Emily & me goes to our pal Oskar. You'll see.

The tutorial for this is kind of embarrassing because it's so easy. In short, you're tracing a bathing suit you already own, sewing the two sides together, creating a new neckline, and adding cutouts. None of the seams are hemmed, and it's not because either of us is lazy - it's because the hems are what create the muffin tops and muffin buttz. So, here is a super-simple tutorial to make your own bathing suit, just in time for fall. Go get 'em, tiger!


Trace a bathing suit you already own, twice. Lay everything flat, and trace the bum side both times. You can worry about the front/crotch shape later.


Leave about a 1/4" extra space as you trace.


Make adjustments. We gave this one a bit of a scoop neck and smaller sleeves. If you want to make changes, do one side and then fold your suit in half to trace it on the other side. For the first suit I made, I eliminated the sleeves and just used a teapot that was sitting nearby to make my neckline.


Sew the two pieces together on the sides, tops of the shoulders, and in the crotch. Then, cut out cool shapes. Do this slowly and keep trying it on as you go. For the crotch area, try your suit on and trace in chalk where you'd like them cut out. I personally find every bathing suit ever goes way too high in the crotch for me, so I was super happy to be able to make it nice and comfortably covered down there.



  • Use a dark colour fabric since this isn't lined at all - unless you want to line it

  • Use ripstop fabric so you don't need to hem all the edges

  • Zig your inseams at the end to make this puppy last

  • This project requires more scissor-skills than sewing skills. Take your time cutting everything out.

  • Lurk the internet for the bathing suit shape and cutout style you want - that's what we did!

  • The whole thing should take you less than an hour, depending on how many mimosas everyone has had. 


Have a photoshoot on a docked boat.


Don't forget a sweet mani to go with your new suit.

Test it out for quality.

Muffin butt the best for me!

This is my kind of craft: easy to do, with a huge pay-off.  Have fun, swim around, be comfortable, happy cottaging, etc.