Creative Profile: Spada

Amanda Spadafora

(but most people call me Spada) 

I AM a doodler, performance artist, and avid reader.

I MAKE drawings, videos and sometimes if i have the space and money installations.

I LOVE reading comics, illustration, doodling and swimming any chance i get.

I started doodling at a young age, with the intent of mimicking my fathers line drawings and I guess i've been drawing ever since. The drawings began as a form of restless daydreaming, where my math and history notebooks transformed into sketches and the sketches became a practice. 

In 2008 I decided to apply and submit my portfolio to the University of Ottawa's Fine Arts program, It was here where I began my formal training as an artist and where I learnt to contextualize my work and explore various mediums of art. Aside from the doodles I have created installations, performances and photographs, and I hope to explore more conceptual forms of art in the years to come.  

After spending four years in school and in Ottawa I decided to invest the next few years of my life traveling and being inspired by the worlds various landscapes and cities. I spent some time in Asia where large congested cities, and lustrous rocky mountains influenced my doodles. The doodles have no rhyme or reason, and I never know what the final product will be. I like them to grow organically playing off my subconcious as well as the viewers. The drawings can be flipped, turned and discovered from all angles like a cloud, one might see a horse and another might say it's a dragon whatever you see is okay with me! 

Insta: @spada4art

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