Creative Profile: Greg

Greg Houston

Ottawa, Ontario

I AM a Pizza Demon Comic. I started doing comedy 3 years ago in a University Sport Pub for a charity event - just like Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, and Drew Carey. It went well? all things considered. So I signed up for Yuk Yuks Ottawa in March 2012 and had a killer set - the owner came up after and said great job! So I decided comedy was easy and then sign up for Yuks again May 23 2012 and I went on stage and bommmmmmmmbed so hard. I ate a big pile of poop on stage and the owner ripppppped into me. That's when i consider taking comedy seriously and the start to my career. I've have some mild success thus far with some cool credits, like opening for Doug Stanhope and working with Mike MacDonald. Doing festivals like Cottage Comedy Festival, Ottawa Explosion Festival, Chinatown Remixed. For some reason I won "Least Worst New Comic 2012" and "Best Independent Show 2014" from the Ottawa Comedy Roast and Award Presentation Show OCRAPS. 

I also do Yoga volunteering because somebody's gotta clean up that sweat and fold towels to get your namaste on. 

I also swear to god one day I will make a canoe that real live human beings can use. 

I'm also a pretty fresh uncle. (re #UncleDumDum) in the family game. Babies are cool? But also terrifying and gross. Thank god my nephew isn't ugly. 

I MAKE local comedy-centered events for the Ottawa region with funny people from all over Canada and partner with cool groups and people like OXW, Herd Mag, Apt613 and dope local venues. I get to employ my artistic friends to make event posters and cool online/social media stuff. I also have a couple shows that involve bands or DJs and so i get to book some wicked acts too and give the a different crowd/venue than they are used to. I also got to throw a Pizza Art show at a local bar/resto called Oz Kafe. It was the most stressful thing in the world BUT it friggin rocked! We had like 10 artists from a bunch of different medias - graphic design, illustrators, painters, wood-workers, textile creators - and they all made sick pieces that were pizza themed (because I know nothing about art but I know A LOT about pizza). So then we had a pizza party vernissage where I got the Rock n Roll Pizza Party DJs to come spin. We also ordered about $200+ of pizza for the art show attendees! I'm hoping to do this yearly whilst changing the artists around. I'm going to pick up wood-working as a hobby super soon at Ottawa City Woodshop. So get at me for some bad shelves, maybe a paddle or cutting board?

I LOVE Ottawa, Comedy, Friends, DIY (spoiledrotten shout-out), Making-Out, #UsingHashtagsIncorrectly, Drinking, Xtremely Friendly Softball, Arboretum Festival, Ottawa eXplosion Weekend, Yoga, My dumb Newphew, Curling, Badminton, Beer festivals, Thomas Abrams, Pizza, Space Jam.

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