Creative Profile: A Master Of None

 Brian Addison Bennett

East York, Ontario


I AM a master of none. In 2010 I combined my past experience with photography and design to co-found Pyramid Scheme. At heart we had formed a small collective of likeminded artists. We recognized even then that the economy was depressed and that the audience for the lowbrow and boisterous type of work we wanted to do didn't have the disposable income to make painting or photography a viable approach to surviving in this capitalist wasteland

I MAKE photography zines, limited run artist series, apparel and accessories. It seemed like it was much more reasonable to treat garments and products as functional artwork and by limiting quantities we hoped to give each piece value. Once it's gone its gone. I am grateful for all the human beings who have contributed to and supported the brand. Though it truly could not exist without too many people to mention, these days I am curating all of the projects by myself. I think this has been one of the biggest growing pains of both the brand and of myself as a creative person. Pyramid Scheme has always been about collaboration. I am a firm believer that many hands make for light work, but having myself make the final call on all the projects has allowed the brand to have a more unified vision.

I LOVE exploring parts unknown. I think its easy to be misanthropic and allow all the terrible things in life make you jaded. It's the burden of being aware. I recognize that I have been given many privileges in this life and I intend to use them to the fullest. The world is so vast and there are so many little nooks and crannies that people overlook. I like to go to those places few bother to see. There is a lot of beauty in the stillness of nature, solitude in abandoned structures and order to the subterranean infrastructure.