Cottage Weekend With Our Buddies

In the last year or so, we've made a bunch of new friends. They're really fun. They're the kind of friends love to do stuff, all the time. A few weeks ago eight of us rented a cottage in Tremblant for the weekend. Beforehand, we were all instructed to bring a Nerf gun with us. I thought I didn't care about Nerf guns. Turns out, I do. I love Nerf guns. Everyone of every age should own one.

We had a fun, silly, and relaxing time. We took turns cooking wild meals for each other, we played the newlywed game to decide who got the best bedroom, we played flip cup and beer pong, and most importantly, we had the most insane Nerf battle with no end goal and that lasted for hours.

Love you guys, hope you enjoy the little gallery I put together.