Closet Hang-Ups

After moving to Toronto at the beginning of August, we've been subletting an adorable little furnished apartment. It was great to arrive in a new city and not have to worry about furniture, but at the same time, it's never really felt like our own. Today, I am crazy excited because we just landed a new place for October! It's on the top floor of an old 4-story walk-up, with a view of the lake from a huge window in the living room. This feels like the actual beginning of our newlywed life. We've got a headquarters. We are stoked. 

The place is sunny, airy, and full of character. The kitchen and bathroom suck a bit, but the rent isn't crazy, so we can deal.

Fun fact: there are zero, and I mean zero, closets in the entire space. Challenge accepted. I've been dreaming about all the cool possibilities to replace those dang closets. Here's what I've found:

For the entrance, since there is nothing set up for jackets and jackets everywhere drives me nuts, we are gonna need something. I'd love to get some vintage lockers like this:

Or, if that's not possible, I think it would be cool to build something like this DIY Ladder Wardrobe from A Pair and A Spare:

And nope, no closet in the bedroom either. Here's a pretty limited picture of the bedroom, just to give you an idea. It has a big bay window with lots of sunshine, and some very slanted, very old hardwood floors. It also has two doors. Why not?

Building a hanging clothes rack in this room might be a bit challenging, but here's what I'm looking at for inspiration:

Obviously, we're back to sticks. I have no hang-ups about this clothing rack. lol? (I couldn't find a good source for this photo. Apologies!)

In the long run, I actually prefer having everything out in the open with no closets. You never end up with things shoved in a corner for months, or years (guilty). Basically, the more that things are exposed, the more accountable I am and the more I care about keeping things tidy.

Years ago, I lived alone in a beautiful apartment that had a lovely, sunny living room and kind of a crappy bedroom. Since I was a homebody, and there was a huge kitchen for friend visits anyway, I turned the sunny living room into my bedroom, and the little bedroom into a craft room. It was great! Except, yup, no closet in the living room. And so, I freestyled. I used an old easel to hang my clothes up and it was adorable! It wouldn't be big enough for two people, but I actually loved having everything out in the open. And hey, when you don't have any closets, you can never lose anything in them.

I'll keep you updated on my findings, what I end up doing, and how well this optimism is maintained. Who knows, but either way, I'm psyched to have some new projects to share with you.