Chile 2015

I just got my film back from our trip to Chile last month! This is all just one disposable camera, which ran out halfway through the trip. As I wrote in my post about packing, I decided not to bring my iPhone. for the first week or so, I had to remind myself to not worry about taking pictures when I saw something cool. But after that, it was so nice to look at a mountain or a beach or a cute dog and just enjoy it. I think next time I'll bring a point and shoot to get some better quality, but for now I kind of love how grainy these guys are. Enjoy!

Downtown Valparaiso / Seeking morning coffee

Valparaiso / Suzy looking for graffiti

Valparaiso / Much hill, very steep

Valparaiso / Graffiti and a pack of wild cats and dogs

Santiago / The view from my bed 

La Serena / Pink

La Serena / The overpass that led to the grocery store

La Serena / Drunk on the beach + a big cross

La Serena / Alexis

La Serena / The view from our hostel

Vicuña / A dog at an observatory

Isla de Damas / We got so much air going over waves in this boat!

Isla de Damas / The smell of pee and poo was more than you can imagine

Isla de Damas / Entering a cave

Isla de Damas / Hola buddies!

Isla de Damas / Cool as a cucumber

Isla de Damas / Hiking on another planet

Pisco de Elqui / Searching for food

Valle de Elqui / Morning campsite

Valle de Elqui / Mountain hike with a stray dog

Valle de Elqui / Home of UFOs and the clearest night sky in the world

La frontera / Mystical moutains

Bathroom break / Lava markings?

The Lago in the middle of nowhere / It was so freezing and windy

Different coloured mountains / Those specks on the sand are goats

We did a lot more once the film ran out, and I never really got to take too many pictures of friends or family. We were too busy eating, really. At some point I'll go through Alexis's iPhone and take out some good ones. There were volcanoes and hot springs and bike polo and parties!! 

So now that we're home, after 5 weeks, what were the best parts, and what were the parts I'd do a bit differently next time? Not much. I'd like to travel further North, and hang out in the desert. Chile is long as heck, so even though we covered a lot of ground, I feel like it would take a year to see it all. Maybe next time we'll go for that long? Also, I would pack more dresses, and eat more fruit. You cannot eat enough fruit in Chile. The best part though? I really did feel like we lived there. We hung out at pal's houses, picnicked, biked around, bought groceries, had dinner with family, and I definitely surprised myself with how much Spanish I could speak. We felt so welcomed by everyone, it made it so hard to say goodbye. Okay, I'm going to stop writing before I get too sappy, or start crying because I can see snow falling outside my window right now. See you soon, Chile! xo