Challenge of the Month: May

Back in February, I challenged myself to do a 'Challenge of the Month' post on Spoiled Rotten every month for a year. Well, mega challenge fail. My life got a bit bananas there for a sec, which perhaps I'll get into another time. But for today, I'm going to present a challenge for the month of May which honours the moment when the adventures and predicaments of our lives wind down, and are transformed into tales over beer with friends, or on the phone with our siblings, or texting with our moms:

Revise the retelling of stories every single time.  

Cool, bad, exciting things are happening all the time, and when I'm relaying that information, I have a tendency to repeat myself. Originally I wanted the goal to be to not tell the same story twice, but I actually think that would be impossible for me.

So this is about:

  • Being present in the moment with people we care about
  • Genuinely expressing how something felt or looked or went down
  • Not being boring as fuck
  • Make your brain chug along in a different way
  • Stop cementing memories into memorized sentences

Often I can tell when I'm hearing a crafted, pre-packaged story vs. someone just telling me whassup. I definitely love well-told, classic tales, but without question, I drift away more during them, I feel the stress of the teller to hold my attention and the pressure for a mind-blowing conclusion.

So for now, my goal is to try to simple be with the people I'm with, and let them know about the kooky/bat shit crazy things that have been happening in as organic a way as I can. 

Oh, and if you're wondering about how February's challenge to not watch TV on school nights went, well, it was super dope, not that hard, and maybe changed my life forever. 

May your day be filled with lovely, honest conversations with good people.