DIY: Blanket Storage Pillows

Raise your hand if you've ever been in a store, spotted a pillow you liked, looked at the price tag, and been like, WTF. Pillows are always about 4 times more expensive than I want them to be. I decided to sew some myself, but was again devastated at the cost of a cozy couch in this world when I saw how expensive just plain pillow filling is. Why?? I don't understand, but I did not give up.

Recently, while organizing my closet-less new apartment, I had no idea where to put my zillion blankets and sleeping bags... and then I had my light bulb moment. 

What if this sleeping bag lived inside a pillow? 

And boom, blanket storage pillows were born.

Bolster for heavier blankets

I decided to make a bolster pillow to store one of my heavier wool blankets. Essentially I just folded the blanket as nicely as I could, rolled it up, and measured it to get the dimensions of the pillow case. Voila!

Round Pillow For Sleeping Bags

My down-filled sleeping bag made an amazing pillow. The key here was using a slightly heavier, but still pretty soft, canvas so that the zippers on the sleeping bag don't poke people. Also, a big zipper for easy access is a good idea.

Here they are, the glorious pillows in their natural environment. We don't have a couch yet, but who needs one with all these cozy seating options? I can't wait to relax on my new pillows, and to not build another shelf. The last one I built looked awesome, but I drilled right into my neighbour's apartment and he cut himself on the screw. Ooops. Pillows > shelves.

P.S. Charlie (the dog) says hi.