Tournament Time!

Don't Dis My Sis & 

North Side Polo Invitational

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a pretty quintessentially Ottawa polo tournament. No food, no T-shirts, and a registration fee that was less than the cost of a latte. We did a chill 2V2 tournament on Saturday called Don't Dis My Sis, and then a one-day NSPI on Sunday. I think everyone appreciated a tournament where you could choose which day you wanted to come, and the 2V2 was actually chill. This is how I like my polo tournaments. 

Not too many people came from afar, but it's about quality, not quantity, right? Rob & Lori came from Philly and we had some major cute times together. Franck, Jesse and Olivier came from Montreal. They called themselves Two Baguettes & A Cowboy and then won NSPI! It was awesome. 

After the tournament was over, and I went through these pictures, my heart felt so warm and fuzzy. So much love for the polo fam, and the polo fam's fams. XO