Rider Profile: Plaxton

Eric "RFD" Plaxton


I AM an aggressive power forward with the longest mallet in bike polo. When I'm not stealing balls off of polo players, you'll find me building Modifide mallets or crushing beers with my budzies. Oh, and those radius corners? I built those.

I RIDE a KONA Jake the Snake crossbike when it's raining or I'm hitting up the trails. My polo bike is a single speed MASI track frame tricked out with BMX parts and 700c. But my favourite bikes to ride are my tall bikes, I've made 8 of them. They all have full gears and go really fast.

I LOVE everything fun and positive, glass always full kinda guy. I'm a builder/inventor so that's what gets my fire going. COFFEE. And if there's a off chance I'm upset. I'll take the tallbike out for a rip, it always does the trick . Trust me !

Thanks Plaxton. Seriously, this guy is the best. So positive and saves the day way more often than the average person. You're the best, budzy! 

Click here if you wanna do this puppy too. You can be anyone, you just have to ride a bike every once in a while. DO IT DO IT DO IT!