Rider Profile: Nic

 Nic Maglio

Columbia, MO

I AM competitive. I probably got into polo because of my competitive nature. I have enjoyed bettering myself as a player and working my way up to a higher level.

I RIDE not as much as I'd like to. But have tried a little bit of everything from road, fixed, mountain, gravel, and of course polo. Right now my polo bike gets the most use. I'm on my third polo bike, started with a Raleigh that was passed down from Charlie Hill and then eventually put together my own Marino geometry and road that up until the beginning this season when I got a v2 Hija de la Coneja. Which now I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I LOVE living the CoMP Polo moto (don't dictate peoples lifestyle choices and do what you want forever), playing bike polo and experiencing it in new cities. Born, raised and will probably die Midwest.


Oh man. So many sweet crashing pics! Thanks for submitting this, Nic.

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