Rider Profile: Kirsten

Kirsten White


I AM in love with bike polo. We used to have a less loving relationship, but riding clipless isn't kicking my ass as much anymore. When I'm not poloing, I'm hanging out with my pooch (Jimmy B), my bike gang the Deadly Nightshades, my wives, working on the FOREVER NEVER ending sculpture series or on set producing photography. ( OR SLEEPING)

I RIDE a custom made, True North Cycle frame. She's faded seafoam to black and fits my wee legs AWESOME! First time I've ever had a visible seat post. THANKS DENEA FOR BUILDING HER SO SWEETLY!!

I LOVE blood. dirt, bruises, hammocks, metal and all things French Canadian.


Thanks Kirsten!

P.S. Glad you finally found a tiny bike that's as cute as you. <3

P.P.S. You wanna do a Rider Profile too? Pourquoi pas?