This is my favourite way to spiff up some household items without too much effort or money: Spray some shit GOLD! I had intended on just painting the base of this old fish tank that I was turning into a coffee table, but I ended up spraying a couple of other things. I walked around my house and had to hold myself back from painting pretty much everything gold. But now when I think about it, is there such a thing as too much gold? 

All of the items I painted were found in the garbage. I'm a hero, I know. Put down your IKEA catalogs and let's all go dumpster divin'!

The Coffee Table

During painting. I forgot to take a real "before" pic. But this was black and rusty. It made cool shapes on the tarp when I was painting!

The final result. I found a lazy susan at the thrift store that sorta fit as a top. Good enough.

The Lamp

After spending the day at a large community yardsale and buying nothing, I walked home and found this guy in the garbage a block away from my house. It was silver and chipped before, but I could tell the unusual shape had potential.

Boom! I also scored that sweet basket with a lid in the same garbage pile! And I picked up the shade at my local thrift store.

The Grocery Cart

The piece of resistance! My girlfriends and I "stole" this out of someone's garbage when we were drunk, pushed each other around in it, woke up all the neighbours, and luckily did not break any limbs. I kept it in my living room for a couple weeks and couldn't quite figure out what to do with it, but I started to sort of fall in love with it. I walked around my house, crazed, with the gold spray paint waiting outside for its next victim. The shopping cart was the obvious choice, and now it is the perfect laundry basket. Kooky, practical, and again, free. 

Your turn! Go spray paint some stuff, and breathe new life into some special objects. If you feel like it, send in some before & after pics and I'll post em on here. Happy decorating, errybuddy!