My Hija De La Coneja

Over the winter, I decided it was time for me to invest in a proper polo bike. My friend Dana said she wanted one of whatever I got, so I was put to the task of picking out bikes for the two of us. 

Deciding what kind of polo bike to buy is no easy task. You can't just go to a shop and give one a test ride. I had to do some pretty serious internet research and lurking. After some rave reviews & recommendations, I eventually decided on the Hija De La Coneja, designed by Alejandro Carillo in Spain and fabricated by Marino. I got a size small in RAL 6004 with a black fork. Dana got a medium in a powdery pink with a white fork.

Here they are on their way home from Phat Moose (our fave local bike shop!):

All ready to go...

I am so, so friggin happy with this bike. Within a week of riding it, I could do things I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do on my old polo bike. This guy gets a 10/10 for maneuverability. Switching to 26" wheels was a great decision (thanks RB!). As for components, I got a few sweet ass hand-me-downs: Squarebuilt Bars, a MKE crankset & Time pedals. I balled out and got myself some Velocity chuckers, Surly hubs, a disc brake and a fresh White Industries freewheel.

Check this out! My freewheel smashed on my third day with this bike, thanks to a shot from Robbie. Alexis dutifully replaced it while I was at work the next day. Bravo!


Angelo did me a solid and modified a Fixcraft disc guard to fit my fork, which was very nice of him. I whipped myself up a new wheelcover which I'm pretty proud of. No Velcro, just 4 simple little cinchers. I'm very pleased with this design. If you're interested in making one of these yourself, hit me up and I'll post a lil tutorial on here

I'm so happy with my new buddy, and Dana loves hers too. I don't know how I lived without it. If you're playing polo on a crappy bike, do yourself a favour and buy yourself something nice. It's worth every penny.

For more info on the Hija, check out their facebook page here.

Me n' my hija in action at Women's Night!