Rider Profile: Julia

Julia Murphy-Buske

 France bound (via Who-Bloody-Knowsville)

Photo Cred: Caro Paulette 

Photo Cred: Caro Paulette 

I AM A BIG HOSER. A bakey baker, doughmama, feeder, bakenger extraordinaire.

I RIDE A Hija. It's a tank. It's the only bike that can stand traveling with me. It loves flying back and forth between the Europes and NA stuffed between cookbooks and rolling pins. My other bike is a BJ*, british racing green, built for cross and that's all that matters... 

*Short for Bob Jackson.... Get yer mind outta the gutter there eh!

I LOVE Baking, Travelling, Baking, Bikes, Baking, Frenchies, Baking, Meeting new people, Baking, Sausage Dawgs... You get the jist.


Photo Cred: "Will from London"

Photo Cred: "Will from London"

Thanks Julia! (P.S. I can't wait for our summer of love and baking!)

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