Rider Profile: Kayla

Kayla Story

Austin, Texas

I AM Kaylasagne curtesy of Bobby danger and Jerod walz...because slayla was taken. number <3. Getting back to being an artist and photographer after a few years of the inevitable fall out from art school.

I RIDE a tropical colored Panasonic sport DX that I bought used from Working Bikes in Chicago to impress a boy. It was my first bike effectively. I bought it in 2011 and it was true love. (the bike not the boy) His name is Holden (the bike not the boy). And he is in need of some updates here soon, but has been riding mostly great and Im convinced he is actually a transformer, I just havent found the button. 
Also I ride my pink and gold bike polo joust when Im feeling lazy on the hills.

I LOVE Going to polo tournaments and pushing myself to be more social. Road trips. Film photography. Airports. Reading. Jumping. painting. making books. watching documentaries.