Rider Profile: Emily

Emily Heffring

Toronto, Ontario

I AM emily, heff, heffy, heffily, beavy, hellhands, and more recently i've nicknamed myself "whiplashh" because right now i'm suffering from it. 29/f/toronto

I RIDE daily, and for work i ride my 2012 khs flite 100, essentially i bought this bike because it was purple, yes, i'm one of THOSE, but i also love its handy handling and speed, i swapped it to freewheel, PUT SUM BRAKES ON IT, and some 'classy' cruiser bars. i also ride a little all-city big block, and omg this is my favourite bike to ride ever, but its also the reason i'm suffering from whiplash.

I LOVE early morning rides, i start my job at 7, so its nice to see the sun rise and to ride in the city when there isn't much traffic (yet). those sorts of moments can be lost when you move to a big city like toronto. i also love to ride in packs with buds, i feel super strong and like i'm dictating road rules, also i love playing bike polo with my pals. that's where i got whiplash, BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME LOVE IT ANY LESS.

Photo cred: Chris Kaiser

Photo cred: Chris Kaiser

Thanks Heffy! Happy Belated B!


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