Cucumber Toner Spritzer

A couple of years ago, I was sitting with a friend and she asked me if I wanted some rosewater. I didn't really know what that meant, but I said yes. Then she told me to close my eyes. She took out a tiny spray bottle and spritzed my face.

It was refreshing, it was rejuvenating, and it calmed me. I immediately went out and bought my own rosewater. I was hooked.

I recently experimented by putting cucumber infused toner in a little spritz bottle, and it's honestly one of my favourite things ever. I always carry it with me, and whenever I want to feel refreshed or calm I give myself a few spritzies.

You can buy infused toners in a bunch of flaves, or you could try making your own using Emily's DIY Rose Witch Hazel Toner Tutorial. 

The best part is sharing this simple pleasure with pals. They will love it, and maybe think you're weird, but they'll love it. Spritz away!