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Toronto, Ontario


Upon arrival, 72 Lappin seemed more of a landfill rather than a home. The family who was either being evicted or hustling out of their lease, had tried to cram all living generations in their genealogy into this 3 bedroom semi-detached. There was a lot of work ahead at every corner. Starting with scraping pizza crust off the walls. (how does that even stick??) Our first housewarming gift was a backyard teeming with garbage from the generous tenants whom we were replacing. 1.5 yrs later, the house has blossomed into a cozy, yet somewhat chaotic home. There are five of us here who work together to build things out of necessity and out of interest. Check out our place!

One of our first missions was to convert the kitchen into a place that one would want to eat in. I mean, “baby puke green” might help quell the appetite (which could be appealing for some) but we decided to paint it Bright! Happy! Yellow! We fixed old barn wood on the walls for shelving. Adam constructed a bike carousel spice rack. If you hear a strange gurgling noise, that's either one of the cats hunting you, or one of the experimental fruit-fusion brews fermenting in the carboys.

Our pals vandalize our home with their presence. 

The living room is long and narrow. As we are 5 humans, with active hobbies, stuff gets piled everywhere. (mainly Adam and Patti's stuff...) Milk crates were the answer. Stacks and stacks.

The Eastern bay window has a glorious view of our neighbour's frosted windows. Adam replaced it with a mini hydroponic fish tank. (if you look close enough, you can even find mysterious slugs!)

There is a zine library in the corner (send us your zines!)

That warm glow is radiating from Sara's light box. An illuminated image of her view when she lived in a boat one summer.

Upstairs. You are not in wonderland.. you are just in a hallway.

Don't turn on that light! We have a silk screening studio in the basement! Here is a light-table that Tom whipped up for exposing screens.

And finally, we go to my favourite place in the world. The backyard! The collective heart & soul of our sweet abode is planted firmly in the raised beds. There is a pallet composter that the local creatures flock to like wifi in a cafe. Our chickens live near it, in their green-roof, multiplex coop. 

Behind the gate is a huge target for axe-throwing! Feel free to post photos of Rob Ford.

We have some maple taps set up too! And if you're feeling achey, why not hop into the hillbilly hot tub! Rigged from a throw-away cast iron tub, you can really simmer in one of these things.

Our backyard is a bicycle sanctuary too. Sparks fly every time a new mutant bike is conceived. They hang from home-welded drop bar hooks to save space.

There is also a bike room.

The portal between the inside and out, is a home built window room. We couldn't find any drywall! This is a great room for winter welding, as there is no ventilation whatsoever! But we DoNT' SNED TO VemTOlat, FumESZ GUD. www

Come Visit! We would love to house you and crush you in a game of euchre!

<3 Lappin

Thanks Lappin House! Spoiled Rotten is honoured to share your special home with the Internetz.

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