Great Lakes Winter Classic, Toronto, Ontario

Last weekend was my first bike polo tournament of the year. It made me so happy to see my special pals. It was refreshing to remember what playing polo actually feels like after reading everyone's polo-related Facebook statuses and blog posts all winter.

The tournament was held at the Toronto International Bike Show, so I also got to check out some other non-polo bike stuff. I went and watched some flatland BMXing and recognized some of the riders I saw at this event last year. If you've never heard of flatland BMX, YouTube it. It's like ballet on tiny bikes. I'd really like to try it sometime. 

Right now I'm really looking forward to the snow melting so that there's more bike stuff in my life, and consequently I'll have more bikey posts on here. I ordered a new polo frameset and components, and when it all arrives I'll be documenting my build. I'm super duper excited. 

On a side note, I've really been wanting to improve my photography skills, so I brought more than just my iPhone to the tournament this weekend. I ended up getting a camera lesson at a party from a stranger! I messed around with his tips and did my best to document my beautiful friends and good times. Here are my favourite pictures, moments and details from the weekend. 

Love, love, love.