One way to make a tank top out of a T-shirt

Making tank tops out of T-shirts is a great way of turning something awful into a tailored high-fashion garment. There are a million ways of doing this, and I encourage you to experiment and find a cut that you like and that makes you feel comfortable.


Here's my fave method:

  1. Lay your shirt out and trace your armholes with chalk.
    • You can do this inside out if you want. This is a good idea if you're only making this shirt because you haven't done laundry and need something to wear to work in a pinch.
    • If this is your first time, I recommend finding a tank top that fits you really well, and tracing that. After a couple times, just freehand it.
    • Cut!
  2. Try it on.
    • Are the armpits baggy? Mine always are. Pin the excess, draw a chalk line as shown, and sew.
    • Use the right colour of thread if you're feeling responsible. 
  3. Try it on again. Adjust if needed, then cut away the armpit excess. 

You're done. Everyone's gonna be like,"OMG. You're so creative! You should sell these on Etsy." And who knows, maybe they're right. 


Cutting out a neckline

I've done this before and messed it up a lot. If you want it to look nice, I highly recommend tracing the neckline, either from a big bowl or the neckline of a shirt you already really like. I don't do this often because it's easy to completely screw up, but it's all up to you.


I prefer men's medium shirts for tanks. Normally I wear a small men's, but there's something about a flowy tank, flappin in the wind...

What's your method? Wanna write a guest post about it? Do it. You can find me at