The Crutch of Caffeine

When I was 22 I drank a coffee a day. I worked in an office and I needed that coffee. My morning fix was soon joined by an afternoon coffee. Sometimes I'd have a third. When my caffeine consumption was at its' peak, I was a bit of a wreck. First of all, I was exhausted all day. Every afternoon while I was sitting at my desk, I would experience an acidic storm inside my tummy. It was becoming a real problem for me, so eventually I decided to do a caffeine detox: I'd try to go a couple of weeks without coffee, and see if my stomach and energy problems went away.

The first week was hell. 

But that was it. After 7 days, I was a free woman. I was no longer tethered by the grips of caffeine. I realized that caffeine had been causing more problems for me than I originally thought. I did research about the harmful effects of caffeine, like insomnia and anxiety. My tummy hurts disappeared immediately. I fell in love with other hot drinks, and realized that peppermint tea is both invigorating and hydrating.  It's been over 3 years since I've been a consistent coffee drinker.

Don't get me wrong - sometimes I do drink a cup of coffee "recreationally". Yes, I call it that. And you know I still love you if you're a caffeine lover. It's just that I'd just like more people to question that cup of hot liquid that they buy every day to get them going.

It is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug, but unlike many other psychoactive substances, it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world.
— Wikipedia

Do you know how fun it is to drink a cup of coffee when you aren't completely desensitized to it? Yeah. It's CRAZY!

Okay, back to my real point. Eliminating caffeine was the first real step I took in my quest to become a happier, healthier and better person. Not drinking coffee made me realize that I needed to find my strength from my food, from my environment, and even just moving around a bit. I started eating vegetables at breakfast, and going for a brisk walk when I felt drowsy. I replaced caffeine with an array of healthy habits that make me really, really happy.

It's very important that you know that I'm not telling you stop drinking coffee. I don't think everybody should switch to drinking hot water with lemon. My point is that if you have a feeling that there is something in your life that isn't serving you, you might need to break from the herd and follow your instincts. Think about your daily habits and how they add up to equal your entire life. Mix it up. YOLO. Go! Go! Go!