DIY Warmers (for pockets, bed, sore muscles etc.) with Jenn

A Mid-January gift or Valentine’s Day gift to warm their hands and their heart ;)

By Jennifer Nantais

They are like those magic bags you buy at Shoppers for $40.
— Jenn

I am sharing this little treasure of an idea with all of you because it is fun and functional and perfect for our current weather situation across Canada. Actually, I dislike craft projects that are not functional… Around the holidays (and with kids) that does change a bit but I don’t commit much time to them…maybe when I’m old.

hand warmers.png

You will need to microwave these rice-filled or wheat-filled hand-warmers. I don't own a microwave, but I have made them for friends with microwaves and they love em! The hand-warmers I hand stitched with embroidery floss so I could stitch on the details but I think sewing them on a machine so nothing falls out is a good idea. Add the details (if wanted) afterwards.

Cut out the pattern you want…owl, rectangle, tube, hearts for Valentine’s day, and sew two sides together like a pillow case, turn it inside out, fill with your choice of filler (a funnel in this situation is handy) and hand sew shut.

I recently made a GIANT one for my friend’s little girl to take to bed with her. I scented it with lavender essential oil and I have already had requests to make more! They are popularly known as wheat bags and this big one I filled with wheat. The hand-warmers I filled with instant rice. I don’t know the benefit of one to the other (I do think that the wheat lasts longer than the rice), so I thought I would experiment. You can add various oils and herbs.

You can also use these for sore muscles and heat them or COOL them in the freezer! They are like those magic bags you buy at Shoppers for $40. Making one specifically for sore muscles, sprains and strains, you may want to make a square or rectangle and sew fill into compartments so it lays evenly when wrapped around a joint, and doesn’t all crowd to one corner.

The warmth lasts about 30 mins to 1-2 hours depending on the size, where you are going with them (inside, outside) but you can keep heating them up. You should put them in the microwave for a maximum of 1 min for the small guys and approximately 3 mins for the biggies but continue to heat for 30 seconds if not reasonably warm…don’t get crazy because apparently the wheat bags have started on fire when heated excessively.



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She believes DIY is a way of life and she often re-purposes items. Thrift stores and garage sales are essential to Jenn.




Amen, sister! Thanks for showing us a way to not freeze our asses off. Much needed!