DIY Home Tour: Emily

Emily's Sunny, Creative Toronto Apartment

Occupation: Maker

I live in a small two bedroom apartment near the junction in Toronto. Right now I'm living with Amir! He's great, he's really domestic and is a self proclaimed house wife. He is totally into making this place into a home, which is great because I've been working on this space for about 2 years. Finally I'm feeling the groove of the space.

wallnook.jpg style is natural and resourceful. I remake a lot of things, and I use a lot of woods

It takes me a really long time to settle in, like, years. Once I feel connected to a space I start accumulating, but in a functional way. I mean, not everything I own is functional, but it starts out that way. I try to make beautiful things (in my eyes). I suppose I would say my style is natural and resourceful. I remake a lot of things, and I use a lot of woods. I have never painted this space, and it's white, which I guess I don't mind since to me, my bedroom is more like my own personal gallery. I don't often share my art with other people, so I just hang it in my own spaces.

My favourite space in my house is definitely my work space near the front window. I have windows in every room, so I get natural lighting at all times and I'm south facing. I bought a simple Ikea desk, and everything else just came organically. I like a large work space for making, so this is where I sit to draw, write, think, make. I also really love making a place 3 dimensional. I like to be interacting with multiple things at once, and this corner has this. I have the mobile, the plants, the window, it just fulfills a lot of things I love to engage with in any space.

photo 3.JPG

The best homemade thing I have in my space is my cat tree. My cat is ALWAYS on that thing, and I move it around a lot so he can have different vantage points and play with different things. Right now it is in the ultimate spot, he has two mobiles a window, and a plant to mess around with.


I have this awesome foot stool. Strange right? I got it from an antique mall outside the city.

A) My cat loves it, either to sit on, play on, or scratch (I totally don't mind because you can't even tell)

B) Man, foot stools are the jam! You never know how great a foot stool is until you have one, I move it around and full on LOUNGE.

C) This thing is sturdy enough to act as an actual stool, I have pretty high ceilings and cupboards, so this guy comes in handy quite a bit. was FIVE DOLLARS!!!

photo 1.JPG

I have a buttload of craft supplies, so my biggest splurge has been on all my craft storage in my room and closets. You have no idea how helpful a plastic compartmentalized box can be until you have 30 acrylic paint bottles of varying shapes. I keep almost everything in the desk and set of drawers in my room. It just looks so neat and tidy!


My next big project is creating more storage. I would love to make an extensive shelving set in my room showcasing all my lotion supplies, all my flowers and oils and essential oils. These things take up a lot of space and my kitchen doesn't feel like the right space they should be stored. Also I really want to make a stand up work space, but I have no room for that.

Ideally I would live alone, and have a large backyard for my gardening and experimenting.

My dream home would have more space. Ideally I would live alone, and have a large backyard for my gardening and experimenting. Also, my cat loves running up stairs, so I would try and get a multi-storied home.


I think it's super important to be inspired by your own home. I try and fill every inch of my home with creative spirit. When I'm working on any project it's important for me to be surrounded by things that have a story of their own, and are a little bit magical. I don't always need these things from the outdoor world, but in my home I want to create what my imagination sees and thrives on. Homes are living too.