Urban Velo/Bicycle Travel Bags are now available!

We were recently featured on Urban Velo, and it was super cool. Here's what they had to say about us:

Riding your very own bike far away from home is an incredible way to experience a new place, but it can get expensive depending on how you plan on taking your bike with you, and how often you plan on doing it. For onesy-twosy trips shipping it using one of the big guys is probably the best option, or just eating the airline fees. Travel more than once a year and a custom bag or travel bike might be a reasonable option. Spoiled Rotten Life is a DIY life and bike blog, and recently posted images of a custom bike airline travel bag. The pictured bag fits a 56 cm frame and pair of 700c wheels, fitting it into a diamond shape that while most likely oversized for the airline regulations looks no bigger than a large suitcase, and proves hard to measure given its shape and soft construction. While soft bags donโ€™t provide much protection against baggage handler gorillas, Iโ€™ve traveled all over the place with a soft sided bag and havenโ€™t suffered more than a hearty handful of dings and scratches. If you can talk and smile your way past the bag check bike/oversized process and are willing to eat a charge here and there if caught, this diamond bag is a solid design choice. Look for custom bags for about $150 in 2014, a pretty great price that pays for itself in a single trip. Check out more at www.spoiledrottenlife.com

Thanks for writing about us, Urban Velo!

Bicycle Travel Bags are now available to order in our shop!

Contact me at spoiledrottenlife@gmail.com if you have any questions, or check out our previous post here.